Understanding the Orofacial Complex: Muscle Manual

musclemanualUnderstanding the Orofacial Complex: Muscle […]

Oral Rest Posture: A key piece of the obstructive sleep apnea puzzle

Dental professionals are missing the chance to address obstructive sleep apnea before it […]

Why Can’t My Child’s Tongue Thrust be Treated at School?

Parents often ask: “Why can’t my child’s tongue thrust be treated at school?” […]

Otolaryngology: Open Access

Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders and Otolaryngologists
Robert M. Mason
Emeritus Professor of Surgery, Previous Chief of […]

Relapse of Anterior Open Bites Treated With Orthodontic Appliances With and Without Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy

Closure and long-term retention of anterior open bites are significant concerns for orthodontists […]

Appliance Use for Oral Habit Patterns.

Position statement of the IAOM regarding appliance use for the Oral Habit Patterns.

Prepared […]

The Use of Post Nominal Letters: A much more serious issue than many are aware of.

Author: Lorraine Frey RDH, LDH, BAS, COM, FAADH

Licensed healthcare professionals are held to […]

That Adorable Thumb

By Shari Green, C.O.M.

That adorable baby with their thumb in their mouth…truly a […]